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Ed-Tech Funding

A Hack Education Project

Who's investing in education technology? What are the relationships between investors and startups? Between politics and policies? Between dollars and trends? Who's funding teacher-founded startups? Who's funding women and minority-led startups? What does the "map" of the ed-tech industry look like? What are the relationships between companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and institutions?

Follow the Money

I started tracking ed-tech funding in detail in 2015. (You can view that site at matrix.hackeducation.com.) I started afresh in 2016, with a better data model and more frequent updates.

You can read monthly updates via this site's blog. There are also articles there that provide funding data for the various "Top Ed-Tech Trends" I track.

Spot an error in my calculations? You can contribute directly via the GitHub repo that powers this site.

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Image credits: Bryan Mathers, Noun Project