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Who's Funding Education Technology?

A Hack Education Project

Who's investing in education technology? What are the relationships between investors and startups? Between the business of education and education politics and policies? What do we know about the relationships among companies, entrepreneurs, investors, institutions, and politicians?

Follow the Money

I started tracking ed-tech funding in detail in 2015. (You can view that site at matrix.hackeducation.com.) I continued doing so here with this project in 2016, with a better data model and more frequent updates, and I have kept track of venture capital activity in education since then.

Latest update: The Business of Ed-Tech as of November 2018

You can read regular updates via this site's blog. There are also articles there that provide funding data for the various "Top Ed-Tech Trends" I track.

Spot an error in my calculations? You can contribute directly via the GitHub repo that powers this site.


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Image credits: Bryan Mathers, Noun Project