It’s time once again to calculate the “deal flow” in ed-tech startup land. And as I noted last month, 2016 seems to be off to a far less auspicious start than 2015. Last year, there were 26 funding rounds in February, totaling almost $430 million. By my calculations, there were just 14 this past month, and the amount raised was about one third of the amount this time last year – $149.7 million. (To be fair, February 2015 had two huge investments: SoFi raising $200 million and 17zuoye raising $100 million. The largest this past month was’s $60 million round.) February’s investment numbers and amount was also down from January 2016.

There were 10 acquisitions and 2 mergers in February. (During the same month last year, there were 8 acquisitions and no mergers.)

Some of the most popular areas for investment so far this year: private student loans, online assessment, online courses, and online tutoring.

The companies that have raised the most money so far this year:

  • ($60 million)
  • Grovo and Jerry Education ($40 million each)
  • Degreed ($21 million)
  • College Ave ($20 million)
  • After School ($16.4 million)
  • Digischool ($15.7 million)

You can find the data – JSON files that include all of January and February investment, acquisition, and merger information – in the GitHub repo that powers this website.

Audrey Watters


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