I’ve spent the last few days compiling a list of all the investors who’ve funded ed-tech startups since I launched Hack Education back in 2010.

(2010 is close to the beginning of the most recent resurgence in ed-tech funding. I’d actually peg the very start of it at 2008. But I’ve chosen the launch of Hack Education as the Important Historical Marker here. Funnily enough both Edsurge and CB Insights posted their retrospectives on ed-tech investment this week, and they also chose 2010 as their starting year.)

I have posted JSON files containing the investment data on GitHub – there’s one file for each year. As it's on GitHub, you can make corrections to the individual files or leave a comment (file an issue).

At the end of each month, I update the spreadsheet where I track on the year’s ed-tech funding, so I’m going to hold off on adding the 2016 data to the mix until April 30. I’m also going to wait 'til then to write up my analysis.

I will briefly note here that it's important to me to release the raw data behind that analysis. I don't want others to have to rely on "my take"; I want them to be able to peruse the data themselves and draw their own conclusions. I think that's the big flaw with most of the reports you see on ed-tech funding. Edsurge's most recent one, for example, lists who are the most active investors. But I'm also curious about those who invest less frequently, those who've only invested once or twice, those whose investments follow a particular pattern (more likely to invest in former Googlers, for example).

Show your work, right?

Audrey Watters


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