I have updated this project with September funding information. As always, the data is freely and openly available via the GitHub repository that powers this site.

The amount of money raised in September was down by almost half from August. But do remember: August saw more money flow into ed-tech than any other month this year. Here are the totals for the month:

  • Amount invested: $175,888,870
  • Number of investments: 21
  • Average investment size: $9,771,604 / Median: $3,150,000
  • Number of acquisitions: 9

These totals are up significantly from this time last year (although again it’s worth noting that September was the weakest month for ed-tech investment in 2015). 2016 year-to-date investment totals are ahead of where they were at the close of September of last year. But two of the last three months of 2015 saw funding totals surpass $1 billion. I’m not sure we’ll see a repeat of that this year. There have been about 25% fewer deals so far this year than this time last year; the number of acquisitions is down as well.

Three-quarters of the funding in September went to just two startups: BYJU’s, an Indian test prep site, and Zuoyebang (owned by Baidu), a Chinese homework-help site.

The startups that have raised the most money this year:

  1. Age of Learning ($150,000,000)
  2. BYJU’s ($125,000,000)
  3. Vipkid and Affirm ($100,000,000)
  4. Incred ($75,000,000)
  5. Zuoyebang, Udemy, and ($60,000,000)
  6. Kaltura ($50,000,000)
  7. Galvanize and Matific ($45,000,000)
  8. Panopto ($42,800,000)
  9. Everfi, Jerry Education, and Grovo ($40,000,000)
  10. CommonBond and Codecademy ($30,000,000)

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