This article helps provide funding data for parts 3 and 5 of my annual review of the year in ed-tech

These are the current stock prices – as of 4 December, 2016 – of publicly traded education companies.

You can compare the performance of these stocks to the snapshots I captured this time last year when I looked at the business of ed-tech companies and of for-profit higher education.

Do observe what happened to many of these stocks on November 9, the day after the US Presidential Election.

For-Profit Higher Education Companies

For-Profit K-12 Companies

Education Companies

Education Technology Companies

(China Online Education Group was the only ed-tech IPO this year.)

“Tech” Companies

For those thinking about spending their retirement money investing in stock market – cough, teachers’ union pension funds – do read this article from Edsurge: “Why Your Financial Advisor Doesn’t Recommend Edtech Stocks.” And then ask yourself why money continues to flow into the sector.

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