This article helps provide funding data for part 9 of my annual review of the year in ed-tech

The following startups that market themselves as selling “personalized learning” raised funding in 2016. (Now, granted, this is a huge category because almost everyone uses that phrase in their PR materials. Most of what I’ve included below are those who say they’re “adaptive.”)

  • Knewton ($10,000,000) – investors include TAL Education
  • Claned ($4,500,000) – investors not disclosed
  • EdCast ($16,000,000) – GE Asset Management, Cervin Ventures, Penta Global, SoftBank Capital, and Stanford’s StartX Fund
  • Cogbooks ($1,770,000) – investors include Nesta Impact Investments, DC Thomson, and the Scottish Investment Bank
  • Zoomi ($2,500,000) – investors not disclosed
  • Lost My Name ($4,500,000) – investors include Project A Ventures
  • Fishtree (undisclosed) – investors include Jefferson Accelerator

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