Edsurge reports that ​the coding bootcamp Dev Bootcamp is closing its doors. Dev Bootcamp is owned by Kaplan (acquired in 2014). Kaplan University was, until recently, part of Kaplan Inc, a subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company. Graham Holdings is an investor in Edsurge. But you'd never know that connection based on this article alone as the financial relationship it not disclosed.

Note: I have been tracking these failures to disclose financial relationships because Edsurge has been selling its Concierge service to K-12 schools in order to help them buy ed-tech products. The lack of transparency is important, I think. Now Edsurge says it's ending the service, but I'm still going to keep track of the publication's disclosure problems. It is particularly important to watch who is funding the narratives that Edsurge promotes in its stories about the future of education.

Audrey Watters


Who's Funding Education Technology?

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